Navetta Mason Contractors celebrated their 61st anniversary in 2019. The com­pany was founded by Mike Navetta in 1958. Throughout his career Mike's goal was to develop good masonry practice through knowledge of material, details and installation. He emphasized hands-on experience along with good engineering practice for the design and construction communities. Mike was passionate that masonry can be promoted through perfor­mance.

His quality workmanship has carried on thru his son-in-law Steve Dudek-Presi­dent and daughter Laurie. Steve and Laurie, together with their son Jason, continue to uphold the standards and reputation of Navetta Mason Contractors. Steve is active in the masonry industry with the Masonry Institute of Michigan (Past President) and serves on the board of the Mason Contractors Association (previously served as Vice President).  

"I believe as a current Mason Contrac­tor in these times we need to regain re­spect and accountability to regain market share, contractor certification and continu­ing education is a must," Dudek said. 

Navetta's reputation is outstanding with the Architects, General Contractors/Con­struction managers and Owners serving in the Michigan area for the past 60+ years. Dedicated to our industry, Navetta Ma­son Contractors looks forward to serving this industry for many years to come.